Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ruffled Note Cards {A Tutorial}

This little tutorial is easy smeezy! All you need:
* Card stock, or flat note cards
*Scrap fabric cut into strips a little wider than your card (enough for a few ruffles)
*Sewing machine with your choice of thread

First line up one end of your fabric with the edge of your card (you can see how I did this at the back of my presser foot).  Make a few stitches (I used a zig-zag stitch).  After a few stitches I pinched a little pleat for a ruffle, and held it down until my presser foot grabbed it.

Do this the full width of your card, making sure you have enough fabric to end with.  It's ok if it gets a little crooked or hangs off a little...that is what makes it unique!

Wa-la! A beautiful ruffled note card!

See the details...
Don't you love it?

A few finished products paired with my FAVORITE envelopes from Paper Source!

So, why did I make these? To send to a few special people this month to let them know how THANKFUL I am for them.  I am participating in Thankful on Paper this month, check it out HERE. These little cards would be a great DIY Christmas gift too!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! Your blog is so cute and I can't wait to look around! Those note cards are adorable!

  2. Ashley! So cute! I love the idea of DYI cards and this is a great custom idea for the holidays. I will add this to my "tapper keeper" of goods I need to remember. I wonder if I found a cute stamp if I could add a monogrammed initial to the bottom. Okay, now you have my wheels turning!

  3. love this idea...didn't know you could sew on paper?!?! do i need to use a different needle or anything? btw...was at bellevue tonight and saw you from a cute pregnant! when are you due?



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