Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scrappy Fabric Beaded Necklace

Love of Sewing + Love of Crafting = A Large Fabric Stash!
When it comes to fabric I just love it because all of the pretty colors and designs. I mostly buy fabric to make things for my girls. Many times I have bought fabric to make things for my girls and whatever the "thing" is does not get made, therefore my fabric stash has grown over the past few years. One of my favorite things about fabric is putting together different patterns and colors.

So when I saw this necklace...

 from Stella and Dot I thought, I can make that!!

I wanted to put my own spin on it though! I searched through my fabric scraps and found three different patterns with similar colors that looked cute together.
Fabric Scraps in your favorite patterns and colors
3/4 wood balls (found in the wood craft section of your local craft store)
Grosgrain ribbon
sewing machine
covered button

Here is how to make it:

1. Cut 3 inch wide strips in varying lengths. I cut 6 strips of each color but only used 8 strips.

2. Sew strips right sides together making a long patchwork like strip, my strip ended up being 81 inches long once I sewed the strips I wanted on.  You may want to play around with length, if you want a shorter choker style necklace use less strips if you want a doubled necklace that is long use more strips. Does this make sense??

3. Next hem and sew on a 24 in piece of grosgrain ribbon to each end.  (The ribbon was a little too long, but I wanted to make sure I had enough).  Make sure that you sew the ribbon to one side.

4. Then fold the strip lengthwise right sides together.  Now sew the edges together all the way down.  Your necklace will now be inside the part that is not fun...turning it right side in.  This will take a bit of time (a chop stick would make this an easy feat!)

5. Now the fun part! Tie a knot in one end and start putting your wood balls in the necklace. After each ball tie a knot, add another ball, tie another knot, so on and so on until you come to the end.

(like my chippy polish??)

6. Next is the little flower that I attached. I looked high and low for fabric flower tutorials, and none of them were what I was looking for. So I decided to make up my own design. It may not be the easiest or right way, but I like the outcome and that is what matters. To make the flower I cut 4 heart shapes of each fabric (12 total, and yes..heart shapes just like you would at valentines with construction paper...fold fabric in half and cut shape) I varied the sizes but made the bottom petals the largest.

I sewed a little stitch around the edges with my machine this will help with the fray and it made them pucker a little like a real petal.

I overlapped the largest hearts and hand stitched that layer first. 

The other two fabrics I cut around the same size. I used 4 hearts on the next layer (2 each of the remaining fabrics), hand stitched them to the first layer. 

I did the same thing again with the top layer then sewed on the covered button!!

I attached a safty pin to the back and pinned it on!

7. Wala! A beautiful fabric beaded necklace!!

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  1. Love it! and sooooo proud of you! I may have to try this one at the lake next week. I am enjoying "nastics" so much better this semester....;)

  2. LOVE IT! Funny Ashley is the comment before me...she's the one that told me about you (i'm christiscasseroles :)
    I love how cute you and your sweet family all are and HOW PRECIOUS your FABULOUS crafts!! Love em! You are such a sweet mommy and your girls are learning so much about using their God given gifts to create HAPPIES!! :)

  3. HEU yea, amazing, you are super crafty. I have never seen this before. Really cool. I am following your blog now. I would love to be friends. I am from Paris. My blog is
    Gros bisous

  4. Okay, that is FABULOUS!!! If you ever decide to sell those let me know. I would love to get one.

  5. Super cute, and great tutorial!! I'm a newbie sewer so I love getting all the fun sewing ideas from cute bloggies like yours. :)You have a darling blog, I'm so glad I found it from Somewhat Simple. :)

  6. Hey Ashley!

    Your necklace is darling!

    From the looks of your blog, y'all are doing great! I don't know why I just put it together that Jill Anthony is your sister-in-law! Love her! Her husband and my husband were in law school together too.

    Anyway, I have (as of March 19) resigned from my position as an attorney and will be at home with our baby full time! yay!!!! I am getting re-intouch with my creative side. I want to know how to sew all those cute little jonjons for him myself, monogram, and do many other things I have rumbling in my mind. So, I've enrolled in sewing class starting March 24. It'll be an adventure for sure. I know some, but not a lot. I know you enjoy sewing, so...

    I wanted to ask you what machine you have? If you like it? If you could chose any which would you chose? I'm looking at the brother that does some monogramming. I'm thinking I need an all-in-one. I'd be oh so grateful if you could offer up any advice :)

    Y'all take care and hug Ashley and her boys for me! I miss living where she does so badly! We never get to see them.


  7. Hi :-)
    New follower from MBC! Cute stuff!
    You can follow me at: Lot's of great giveaways!
    Nice to "meet" you!


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