Saturday, March 13, 2010

Glimpses of Home

What makes a home a home? Emily over at Chatting at the Sky posted Friday about just that. So, on Friday I snapped a few pictuers of what was going on at our house. ORGANIZATION! We have been in a disorganized mess since the beginning of the year and we are FINALLY getting to that place where we know where everything some things might be. We have finished up a few remodeling projects and during that time our "stuff" has been moved from one room to another to another, which has totally driven me crazy! First, I started with the entry way closet.  We now have only the coats we need (hopefully for not too much longer), a few baskets, and the vaccum.

What I love about this photo is that if you look closely you can totally tell something that is different about me and Mr. Nice.  He hangs his coats one way and I hang mine the other....he is a lefty and I am a righty! We are for the most part pretty opposite when it comes to many things.  I don't get too flustered if I am late to something, he does. He is good with budgeting money, I'm not.  I am the handy person, he's not. He can make good coffee, mine never tastes as good.  I can navigate around just about anywhere, he gets lost everywhere he goes. He remembers where he puts his keys and phone, I hardly can remember to brush my teeth (ok...that is a stretch...but I blame memory loss on childbirth!) Anyway, you get the point.  Our home is our home because we are two totally different people living under the same roof, two people who don't always see eye to eye on everything but who both love eachother unconditionally no matter the differences!

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  1. you know, until you wrote this, i had no idea why i hang my coats the way i do...i hand mine like "Mr. Nice" but i, too, am a lefty. and as you stated, my hubs hangs his the opposite. funny it took your post to help me see the light! ;)

  2. will you come organize my house?!

  3. Me too???? You can start with my closet...HA!

  4. Did I tell you that I love your new blog look. So springy and fun and all the little bouquet trees are my fave. I'm slowly making my way through your blog roll. You've got some good stuff. And I do love that necklace again.
    I raided my moms house for the crossstitch hoop and embroidery thread. We'll see what happens. When is registration open for summer sewing camp with Ashley? Hey, I'll barter some Audrey babysitting for it. (wink)

  5. Isn't it amazing how it works out like that? God truly knew what he was doing when He put us with our complements. I love it.


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