Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I have a CRUSH!

On this little man here...

Ok, yes he is my nephew...but how sweet is he? How cute is he? Those blue eyes are just AMAZING! 

My girls are in love too...maybe too much in love...so much I think we make Aunt Jill nervous!

Ford had his baby dedication on Sunday and we were so happy to be part of the special day.  We got to visit their church, spend time with family and eat some yum-o food afterwards! I think I have a crush on that yummy food too!

After lunch we got to enjoy small town life and feed some horses and play outside (in our dresses...since I did not think about extra clothes!)

And, YES..I have a crush on small town life as well! AHH, I'm ready to pack it up and move to an old farm house on a lot of land with animals!!

But, my  BIGGEST crush is on these three amigos here....


  1. CUTE post! I have a crush on Ford as well. Ya'll move on down to the farm with us!

  2. This is a wonderful post. I have a crush on all of you. Don't even think about leaving the city life!

  3. You have such a precious family! Love the post :)

  4. oh my word! The girls are ADORABLE in these dresses! love it!


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