Monday, May 4, 2009

So Many Posts....So Little Time

Today I have sooo many things I want to blog about, things we have been doing as a family, being an aunt for the first time, and more, but today I am going to blog more about my sweet Sugar. Last Tuesday was a fun day for us as we celebrated our birthdays together. Her birthday of course being the most important, it was her 1st!! Our day started with donuts, yes I gave my one year old a donut! She LOVED it!! We sang to her and she thought that was great! We really just did our everyday thing, but got to join Mr. Nice for lunch, which is a rare treat! It is not that often I like to haul both girls to his office, it usually ends in a meltdown and some sort of chaos! This was a pretty non-eventful visit, and we did not embarrass ourselves! Aunt Jill and Uncle Trey also stopped by after Jill's doctor appointment. Then they joined us for dinner at a local Mexican restraunt. (not sure WHY we made the choice to do that??? Swine Flu anyone??) We had a great time, and again had singing!
The best was this weekend when we celebrated with a small party! We stuck with a simple daisy theme, and it was a sweet party. You can see my inspiration here at Martha Stewart, I was also inspired by my freind who threw a similar party for her daughter last year! (Thanks AL!)

Sharing a birthday with my Sugar was a lot of fun, and the best gift I could EVER ask for. We will forever have that special day as our own!


  1. Yellow is definitely 'your color'!! That picture of you and Sugar is precious and definitely went along with your yellow sunflower theme!!!

  2. What fun!! I love the daisy theme! First time visiting your blog!

    Happy 1st B-day Sugar!!

  3. I love your daisy theme! One of the fun parts of having little girls.... You and Sugar look like you belong in a daisy garden! :)


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