Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shopping Saturday

The bathing suit hunt.....

After giving birth two times you realize how unfun it is to bathing suit shop. Alas I am on the hunt for a new suit this summer. With two little ones there are a few rules..
1. The top needs to stay securely in place.
2. Something must cover the hip/stomach area that has never been normal since 1st pregnancy!3. Must cover hiney well, no wedgies..please! Must be able to bend over to build sandcastles, and pick up children.
I am thinking either a tankini of some sort or one piece. Here are the options so far.....

Cute Seersucker tankini (maybe in pink though). Look a the cute little flower on the bottoms!

Fun Lilly Swimsuit, just not sure how far down that top will go!?

Very Cute, Love the flowers, but will that tiny string be stronger than a three year old and one year old??

I surely don't plan on wearing big bangles to the beach, but I liked this one because the top comes down low enough to cover the love handles! (forgot to link this one, but it is from Macy's)

The polka dots might be a little much, but I though it was cute. There is also one with stripes.

I did learn something new while shopping for these..... This bathing suit below actually has a is called a monokini....and you will NEVER catch me in one! I have been calling these "Lovehandlekinis"! I don't think they made these with moms in mind!! HA!

Overall, I am still not impressed with any of these, but if I had to choose it would probably be the JCrew seersucker. What do you think? Any good places you know of to find a good "Mommysuit"??


  1. oh come on you know you want that gold one! Ha! Why is it that those monokinis as you called them are always on people who should not be wearing them... They are all cute;I like the green tankini.

  2. I like the green from macy's!

  3. I can't believe ya'll are making fun of my new gold suit!!! Look for it at the luau...

  4. I definitely vote the seersucker suit! But I think you could so rock the bangle bracelets with whichever suit you choose:) I love the brown one piece with flowers too! Two kids or not, you would look great in anything!

  5. the gold one is fabulous! :0)Have you ever heard of Lime Ricki Swimsuits? I just discovered them. They give coverage and cuteness!

  6. Love this post!! Thankfully, I have completed this gruesome task this year.

    I found a great "mommysuit" at Target this year. In years past, I spent so much more at Belk or high end bathing suit stores, and this year I joined my 15 year old daughter at Target.

    Much to my surprise, the suit I got is one of my most favorite two covers tummy but flatters my top, and the bottoms cover just enough but are not "granny panty" bottoms!! I may actually enjoy going to the pool this year!!!

    LOVE the gold suit!!!



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