Friday, May 29, 2009


Last Friday I went outside to call our dogs in and they were barking at a little riding car that was in the backyard. All I could think was, Oh no! they have a squirrel or chipmunk pinned under the car! When I got closer I saw a shell!! It was a TURTLE!! It is so fun when we get to see one up close and in person, and I knew Sugar and Spice would be equally as thrilled! It is only about once a year we get to see one. Do you remember this one? I wonder if it is the same one? After examining the pictures I SERIOUSLY think so! I don't think we ever named him/her, but this time we named our turtle. I was leaning towards something like "Franklin", but after Spice told me it was a girl turtle we settled on Cinderella. No, I do not think Cinderella would be pleased, but I just went with it! We captured a few pictures and touched the shell, but Cinderella was on the move and did not care too much about visiting with us. I am still curious how she got into our backyard, it is fenced with not any small opening to wiggle under?? Maybe she is still back there? We hope to see her again soon, even if it is in a year.

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  1. I'm lovin' the new turtle book stickers!! Was that a coincidence or were you inspired by 'Cinderella?'


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