Friday, May 8, 2009

How R U?

This is the picture I snapped last Friday night of Mr. Nice and my Mamaw. I thought it was just hilarious. To me this is a great example of communication today. They look as though they are texting one another (or someone else) as they sit beside each other, when really they could be enjoying a nice face to face conversation.MN: WRUD? (what are you doing?)
M: IMSB (I am so bored)
MN: ORLY (Oh really?)
M: JTLYK (Just to let you know) I'm ready to go!
MN: Well MC still wants some IC (ice cream)
M: AYS? (Are you serious?)
MN: Yes Mamaw, we need to get she sweet girl some IC!
M: OK, then we are OOH (out of here)!
**This lingo is SERIOUS, not sure how people keep up with it all!!??**

In all seriousness Mr. Nice was texting, but not Mamaw.
Mamaw was just trying to figure out her phone!!

Spice did get her well deserved ice cream because she had just performed so well at her school program....

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  1. Haha. Great picture of Ken and Mamaw.

    Molly Cate is growing up too fast. I know you wish you could make her stop. She's not allowed to hang out with Hannah -- She may give her some bright ideas.


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