Sunday, March 1, 2009


Oh, Yes we got ALOT of snow yesterday afternoon and into the night! I think around 10 inches! Can you believe that? Mr. Nice and Spice spent a lot of time outside. I was sick, so I just went out just to get a few pictures, and Sugar was napping, so no snow fun for her. I felt guilty that I did not get one picture of Sugar in the snow so I sent Mr. Nice back out later this afternoon to get a few pics of her. Isn't it just beautiful?? Mr. Nice even made a girly little snowman (woman). I guess with all of us girls around he just can't help it! He said with so many snowmen around there needed to be a lady...ha! (**On a side note, Yes, that is PJ's my daughter is wearing in the I mentioned I was sick, so Daddy was in charge! Oh well, at least he had 2 layers on her!)

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