Monday, March 2, 2009

Being Flexible!

Wendy from Mommy Times Four is hosting Multiple Kid Monday!! Although she wins with two more than me, it is still tough dealing with 2! Wendy is an awesome friend, a wise mom, and a Godly woman, I seek her advice OFTEN! This week she spoke of being flexible, so I am trying to be flexible today as we get things in order around the house. I have decided to throw my usual ways out the window, and let Spice play as she wishes (with rules of course) while I get some things accomplished. Spice LOVES playing in the sink; pouring, swishing, stirring, and getting soapy...So I am letting her!! Yes, as I type I can hear hear water running, and splashing happening, but HEY, she is 2 she is having fun..and I am being FLEXIBLE. I'm not going to say, "NO!" Then cause a horrible meltdown between the two of us. We are not going anywhere today, so who cares if she is soaking wet from head to toe, and there is water all over the vanity, she is being a kid and having FUN!:) OK....better go check it is getting quiet!!:)

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  1. girls LOVE to do this. When I work on the computer in the playroom, they love playing in the upstairs bedroom. We only encounter some problems when we try to have tea parties with all of our cups filled to the brim from sink water and then slosh them all over the carpet. One day Abby had the bright idea to use toilet paper to clean up the soaked floor. After a whole roll of toilet paper, they managed to get it all up. While I didn't like the toilet paper much, they were following the one rule about water play....clean up what you mess up when you're done!


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