Friday, March 6, 2009

Philippians 2:14

"Do all things without grumbling or disputing." Philippians 2:14

This has been our memory verse this past week. Mr. Nice and I got a little behind because the past two stumped us up and we had to keep memorizing them until we had them down, although we still do need to practice. This week was a little simpler, but means so much! (on a side note, the most recent verses are from my MOMS Bible Study by Jean Stockdale)

Do you grumble about doing the small things or even the big things?? I sure do, so this verse has really convicted me. I don't want to be a complainer! And pretty much this is what spoke to me in this verse. Get it done; whether it be laundry, diapers, making a snack, folding clothes, sweeping the floor for the 100th time, picking up all the toys, dusting or dishes! This is my job, I am a full time Mom, I love my job dearly, and I am very thankful and appreciative of it! So, I will serve my family as I am serving the Lord!
Next Verse: Philippians 3:7

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