Thursday, February 5, 2009

Totally Tots

Have you checked it out yet?? Totally Tots is an awesome new blog about tots! Carissa is the brain behind everything you see at this blog.

totally tots

"Totally Tots was designed for Christian moms who are choosing to keep their tots at home in possible preparation for a homeschooling future. I don't doubt it will be a resource for all moms of tots, but it grew out of a desire to give moms who keep their tots at home a place to come together and grow together."

It is a valuable resource for moms out there looking for ideas for teaching their kids about the Bible along with fun crafts, inspirations for mom, funny stories, nutrition, and MORE!
While you are there visiting, check out this guest post, I'm sure you will be impressed! HA!


  1. are you really thinking about homeschooling?..I posted a comment about your painted hearts on the totally tots website so you have to read it..also, you didnt send Alli and I a bill for the cute calendars..their teachers LOVED THEM!! thank you so much..


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