Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2 Wrongs Do Not = A Right!

There is something wrong when you get your hair cut 2 times within 24 hours! Yesterday I got a wild hair (no pun intended) to get my hair cut (at the last minute). So, at 5 minutes till closing time I drove myself to the only "Salon" in town that was open. No, not really, but I am sure I was the last customer of the day! In hindsight I should have thought about this decision more. I was expecting to walk out with my dreary winter-time spirits lifted and a "new look"! Let me tell you I got a NEW LOOK! It looked something like this little girl/boy's hair except worse and more jagged!The back was longer than the front, the sides totally uneven! It's pretty noticeable when Mr. Nice notices something like that! He even offered to help out....seriously...he actually pulled out some scissors. I spent several hours (okay, minutes) trying to figure out how to look presentable enough to drop Spice off at school. Knowing that I need not make too many appearances in public like that I swiftly got myself to the next nearest "Salon". The girl was nice and helped as best she could. It is still not exactly what I was looking for.
I learned this..... the "Salons" I mention were my cheap way of trying to get a cute cut, when actually after all was said and done I could have gotten a fabulous haircut for the same price as my 2 cheapo haircuts.
**I will only reveal the "Salons" if you ask me in person.


  1. O.K. Ashley, I must admit after reading the whole story, I am more anxious for you to reveal your cut. I am also feeling for you too my friend. We have all been there and the truth is, we will all probably be there again. Hang in there!!!

  2. I love the story!!! It really looked cute last night! You could not tell what you had been through!!!

  3. I loved reading the post, although, I have to admit, it was more fun hearing/seeing the story in person!! :)

  4. Oh yeah, I feel your pain. I've gone back the same day after a haircute before.

  5. oh so sorry, women's hair is always trouble isn't it!


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