Monday, January 26, 2009

New Names.....

If you are a blogger you have probably made the decision at some point to be private or not. I have chosen to stay public. WHY?
  • I want my friends and family to have easy access to my blog without entering names and passwords and codes and social security numbers and birthdays; ha ha just kidding.

  • I'm convinced that someone out there might see my faith and learn something from it.

  • I want my blogging friends, who I don't actually personally KNOW to get to know me, because they allow me to get to know them.

  • I like being encouraged by other moms out there by reading their blogs, and maybe I might encourage them too!?

So, in an attempt to stay somewhat private, I am changing our names, no not legally, just in the blogging world. If you have read my blog or know me personally it is obvious that you know our names, but from now on we will be known as...

Sugar, Spice, Mr. Nice, and Mommy(mine is kinda boring)...

So, give me your you like the names??? I will take all suggestions!:)

I got this idea from a blogger I follow, you can read her post here.


  1. Very good idea, girl. I have that concern too which is why I have no indication anywhere of where we live. Go with it!

  2. Hmmm...good idea, never thought of it...


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