Thursday, January 15, 2009

100th Post......100 Things!

I have seen this on other blogs, and thought this would be appropriate for my 100th Post! These are just the 1st 100 random thoughts about me that came to my head! If you read all 100 you must be a true friend!
100 Things About Me
I love my family
I love the Lord
I am an only child
A daughter-in-law
A sister-in-law
A soon to be aunt
A Christian
A Friend
Former Elementary Teacher
I own a small business
I’m a southerner
I’m a high school graduate
I’m a college graduate
I’ve lived in 3 states
I’ve lived in 6 cities
I’ve been to 25 of the 50 states
I’ve been to 2 countries
I love my church
I love my town
I love my neighborhood
I love my house
I’ve been a babysitter
I’ve been a snow cone maker
I’ve scooped ice cream for a job
I’ve been a nanny
I’ve worked at The Gap
I’ve worked at Applebees
I’ve worked in a children’s store
I can make my kid’s clothes
I love to sew
I wish I smocked more
I have a love for fabric
I learned how to shadow stitch this summer
I like Japanese food
I like Italian food
I love to eat at Bronte’
I’m a magazine-oholic (the good ones, not the gossip ones)
I like sour candy
I like Jelly beans
My favorite season is spring
I love tulips
I love the colors pink and green together
My favorite clothing store is Ann Taylor Loft
I like Lily clothes
I like cottage style houses
I collect McCarty Pottery
I love Ole Miss
I want to retire in Oxford
I think it is cute when my girls match
I love Starbucks regular coffee
I like to shop at Target
I like to take trips and go to new places
I like history
I like art
I like to make things
I’m not that good of a cook
I like visiting my parents
I wish I could see my grandparents more
I like to play outside with my kids
I love the zoo
I wish that I had majored in graphic design
I like to go to the beach
I would love to go to a tropical island
I want to take my kids to Disney World
I have never been to Chicago
I love to fly on airplanes
I laugh a lot at the things my 2 year old says
I don’t have to have things neat all of the time
I wish I were more organized
I wish I did not procrastinate so much
I like ice cream
I love 4th of July parades
I want a Volvo station wagon
Wearing comfy clothes makes me happy
I love a good pedicure
I wish I spoke a foreign language
I played the flute when I was little
I played the piano when I was little
I wish I still knew how to do both
I like riding bikes for leisure
Dreary weather makes me sad
When the sun is out I am more productive
If I had more time I would volunteer
I love a good estate sale
I like to antique shop
Road trips are fun to me
I like oldies music
I like to make my bed everyday, if possible
I hate doing the dishes
I do not iron, unless necessary
Housekeeping is not for forte’
I like a good pair of flip flops
I like big straw hats
I like hot chocolate with marshmallows
I like to do art projects with my kids
I love talking on the phone
I love HGTV and TLC


  1. This is a great idea. I also love the fact that you love Ole Miss...Hotty Toddy!!

  2. Ok my favorite is that comfy clothes make you happy; not just that you like to wear them but that they make you happy!


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