Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pre-School, Panties, and No Pappy...Oh My!

1st Day of School!
I would call the last three weeks our "Pre-School Transition Weeks"! Molly Cate has just blossomed into a true pre-schooler, which is hard for me to admit! She is no longer a "toddler". Three weeks ago is when it started. One night after lots of discussions and so forth one of her "Passy, Pappy, Pacifiers, Ps, etc..." broke. This one did break by accident, as opposed to us cutting the other "broken" passys. I just told her that it was broken and that was it. She went to sleep and it was pretty much over. We had about 2 hard days of nap/night time, but that passed. She really didn't even talk about it too much! So that was it, and we have been passy sober for three weeks tomorrow! Wahoo! The big girl panties and pottying has also been a progression over time. Last week she pretty much decided on her own "I want to wear panties". So, I went with it. There have been only a few accidents, which is great! She is so proud of herself too! As I have mentioned before she loves gum and M&Ms so that is her treat for going! So we are now a week and a half into this a doing great. Today was the start of pre-school. (only 2 days per week) She was super excited, but a little apprehensive about me leaving. I told her I would be back and she would have lots of fun with her friends. We are very thankful that she has 2 friends in the class that she knows from church! I guess I will find out pretty soon how the day went!


  1. She is such a big girl!! I'm sure she had a great time today!

  2. Glad to know you finally sobered that girl up!  I'm sure she has a crowd of little friends she could get together for some sort of support group.  And its never too early for potty accountability, while we're at it...

  3. Yeah..Molly Cate is a BIG GIRL!!!She is so precious and we had so much fun with her this past weekend..especially Annellise..she has talked about how much she misses her...did you get my order that I emailed you about 2 wks ago? let me know if you didnt because I am ready to order lots of paper products..ha!!give the girls kisses from you all!

  4. Tell MC that Mrs. Amy can't wait to see her in class on Sunday and we'll check out that big girl potty!


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