Saturday, August 9, 2008

What I loved about this past week.....

*It wasn't too hot (considering last Aug. saw 100+ temps almost everyday)
*I only did ONE load of laundry, fun, although making more work for myself this weekend!
*Molly Cate, Caroline and I went to the library and read some books, checked out a few too!
*I learned that my friend has a car just as dirty as mine...ha, more on that later!
*I am truly enjoying my new Bible study, if you can call it that. I feel like it is more like a seminary class, I just feel so smart after I leave each week!
*Caleb and I had a great conversation on the phone this week! HA!
*I have FINALLY gotten my closet cleaned out, re-organized, and maternity clothes all packed up!!! 3 bags of clothes and 1 bag of shoes will be donated to Impact Ministries!
*Oh My gosh.... I paid 35.00 for 100.00 worth of groceries this week...NO KIDDING! Gotta love that!
*My conversations with Molly Cate, they just crack me up! You NEVER know what she might say. She is just talking so much these days! More on that later!
*Watching my girls giggle and laugh at each other. (My most Fav!)
*Ken. Just Ken. (My most Fav. too!)
*Reorganizing my pantry and laundry room closet and cabinets! (Purging and reorganizing gives me a feeling of accomplishment!)
*The work I have been doing lately for (some cute new things is this!)
*Playing at the children's museum with friends!
*Spending Saturday morning at the zoo with the whole family, such fun!

* family!

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