Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday!

Well, as long as the day is going well I will post a tiny talk entry on Tuesdays. Both girls have been talking up a storm these days in their "own ways". If you have a tiny talk post to submit just send me a comment, and I will link you on this post! It will be funny to read all about our tiny talkers, whether 3 months old or 13 years old! Your kid, or maybe you are a teacher with a class full of kids?!
My entry for the day:
Molly Cate is a very keen listener these days and is very interested in her dad's reference to people and objects. She has been using these references in her own ways this week.
ex 1: We were driving down the road the other day, I was in the driver seat and Ken b/t 2 car seats. This guy pulls out in front of me.
Ken: "Watch that cat!"... in his most sarcastic voice! ("cat" referring to the man)
Me: "Got it Ken!"
Molly Cate: "See dat cat, Daddy?" (asking Ken if she can see the cat he was referring to!!)

ex 2: We like to name everything, from baby dolls to freckles, and everything in between. Usually it is just something silly. Molly Cate now likes to ask me what the name of everything is. Did I mention she listens to EVERYTHING Ken says. Ken likes to sometimes say "bad boys" in reference to many things. Like maybe 2 steaks look yummy, he might say... "Look at those bad boys!" Well, Molly Cate had 2 M&Ms in her hand the other night and said....
"Mommy, what's these bad boys' names?".... I just about fell out!!
Other Tiny Talkers:


  1. Ashley, that is just too cute and funny! I just posted a little funny too. Imagine how many books could be published with hilarious comments our kids make. Just remember though, we use to teach and kids love to repeat at school what they have heard at home. I just laugh thinking of Molly Cate announcing to the class that she is getting her crayons or "bad boy" markers out on that first day. HA! HA! Adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love that "bad boys" quote, too funny, Josh and I are cracking up! Thanks for the laugh...


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