Sunday, July 6, 2008

This is something cute I found here.

A is for age.
28..creeping closer to 30...ahhh!
B is for burger of choice.
This yummy little burger place in Oxford, MS....not sure if it is still there, forgot the name.
C is for what car you drive.
A 2005 Toyota Highlander, complete with goldfish, cheerio, and other crumbs!
D is for Dog's name.
Lily- the Yorkie Charlie-the Shizu (sp?)
E is for essential item you use every day.
My pillow! Although it's not getting the required # of hours use, it makes me happy when I can lay my head on it..ha!
F is for favorite tv show at the moment.
T.V.??? What?? I have not time for T.V. I guess Sesame Street!?
G is for favorite game.
Any board games, I love them!
H is for Hometown.
Hattiesburg, MS
I is for instruments you play
None-- wish I played the piano that my parents let me take lessons for long ago!
J is for favorite juice.
Cranberry or Tomato
K is for who you'd like to kiss.
My Babies!
L is for last restaurant you ate at.
Little Caesar's pizza....healthy huh??
M is for your favorite Muppet.
Forgetful Jones, because that is what I called my Mom when I was little!
N is for number of piercings.
Just my ears.
O is for overnight hospital stays.
Pregnancies only, praise the Lord!
P is for people you were with today.
Ken, Molly Cate, Caroline, friends from church, Ken's parents
Q is for what you do with your quiet time.
Devotionals, Bible Reading, review lessons
R is for biggest regret.
Majoring in graphic/computer design, but then, I LOVED teaching, and I now LOVE being at home with my babies!
S is for status.
Married almost 5 years!!
T is for time you woke up today.
Today? 1st time: 12:00, 2nd time: 4:30, last time 7:30. A few times in between to make sure Caroline was breathing!
U is for something unique.
This is hard... I am an only child, some people are surprised by this.
V is for vegetable you love.
W is for worst habit.
X is for number of x-rays you've had.
Not sure, I guess a lot if you count the dentist too!
Y is for yummy food you ate today.
Pancakes (made by Ken and Molly Cate), Pizza for lunch, Pork Tenderloin, salad, and baked beans for dinner.
Z is for zodiac sign.
Taurus-- though I don't believe in the zodiac.

WREN, YOUR IT! (Thought a fellow teacher would enjoy!)


  1. Love the abc post!! Thanks for sending it along!! and..I finally learned how to link sites with words, yea!!

  2. ashley! thanks for the muffin tin post! looks delicious.

    What a cheerful, pleasant blog you have. Can't believe your daughter ate sushi! My oldest loves looking at it, but won't try it. Oh well, maybe someday . . .


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