Monday, July 7, 2008

Mini- Muffin Tin Monday:
Today is Muffin Tin Monday! This is so much fun and Molly Cate gets a real kick out of this! Last time she did not eat everything, even though I put everything in a mini muffin tin, but today she was HUNGRY, she ate almost everything here:
See more tins here.


Can I get a "B"?
Yes, I am a BIG GOOB, and former school teacher, so Molly Cate and I have been working on her letters. She can somewhat say her ABC's. She gets a little mixed up around Q. Right now we are working on "B". We have made an ABC notebook, with rhymes, etc. She seems to like it. I let her do it as she wants, I don't want to push her too much. I expect that we will work on "B" for a few weeks. Anyway take a look at what we finished today. This is our "B" page with things that begin with "B". This did take about 3 days to actually finish coloring, cutting out and gluing on. Gluing was her favorite. When we finished we did shaving cream art. I wrote B's and Molly Cate scribbled! I was inspired here.


Has anyone tried this?? The adult version of Vanilla Milk!
This is (was) Ken's favorite drink 3 years ago. This was before he fell in love with Starbucks. Three years ago they quit making it, or selling it anywhere here. Ken was soo bummed and upset, he has literally been in search for it for 3 years, so have I. Well, as we went shopping yesterday together (which never happens), at Wal-Mart (which hardly happens choice) Ken looked for it for the 1,000,000 time. AHHHH! There it was!! I think he came running down the isle skipping! HA! Anyway, he was proud, and glowing the rest of the day! IT really is a pretty good drink. It is like "Coffee Milk".



One more thing...

We went to Nashville for the holiday weekend, and Molly Cate had Sushi for the first time, and LOVED it! (Caroline didn't take to it as well) Look at their fortunes too! (Caroline's on top, Molly Cate's on bottom)



Too Funny not to add.......


As a 1930s wife, I am

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  1. Now everytime I now hear "Sweet Caroline" on your blog, I can only imagine hearing Molly Cate singing, "bom, bom, bom"...too funny!


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