Sunday, May 18, 2008


Ok, like Lauren I must admit, I have been a little upset that I have never been tagged, but to my surprise, I have been tagged twice in the same week. Yippee, I feel so honored, thanks Jen and Lauren!
10 Years Ago I Was......
Getting ready for graduation from Oak Grove High School. We have our 10 year reunion in a few weeks, so you can expect a follow up post from that!! We were getting ready for our "Senior Trip" to Cancun where we stayed at The Flamingo. That time was so happy but seemed so sad too, because we were parting from good friends. The song from the time that stands out is..."These are the Days" by Natalie Merchant. During that time we were also preparing to start college at Ole Miss. When I think back to 10 years ago it all seems so long ago, but also like it was just last year. This was such a fun time, and a learning experience. I feel like we have come so far from where we were then. Oh, by the way Ken and I graduated from the same high school and went to Ole Miss (that is why I say "we")
5 Years Ago I Was......
Finishing my first year of teaching at Thames Elementary School as a Kindergarten teacher. Wow, that was such a learning experience in and of itself. If you are a teacher you know exactly what I mean! The first year is definitely the hardest! I had been living at home with my parents since graduation and we were planning a WEDDING!!! Yes, Ken and I were getting ready to tie the knot. Most of the planning had been done at this point so we were waiting for July 26th for the "BIG DAY"! We were married at Temple Baptist Church our reception followed at The Hattiesburg Cultural Center. For our honeymoon we went to Belize. We stayed in 2 locations...1st: Chaa Creek this was our room. 2nd: Victoria House in a Casita. Wow, looking at these websites I wish could go on another vacation like that right now!! Maybe in 5 more years!

1 Year Ago I Was....
Filling many orders from my 3 week "fair" weekends. This was my first experience with selling my stationery in another way besides online. It was a great success and I hope to do it again next year. I was also chasing after my 11 month old who was practically running by now! We were planning her 1st Birthday party. "The Polka Dot Party" She seems so little compared to now, I guess because we have another little one!

We were also getting ready for our beach trip with Molly Cate, this was so much fun to see her in the sand.
5 Things on Today's To-Do List:
1. Do at least 1 load of laundry
2. Write Thank You Notes
3. Address Molly Cate's Birthday Invitations
4. Organize a few things in the house
5. Relax a little....It is Sunday!
5 Snacks I Enjoy:
1. Pickles
2. Cranberry Juice Slush and Mozzarella Sticks from Sonic
3. Sour Candy
4. Gummy Candy
5. Oreo Cakesters
If I were a billionaire I would:
1. Tithe it
2. Put a lot into savings (are you smiling Ken??)
3. Buy this house as my "Summer House" in Nantucket
4. Travel
5. Go on a shopping spree!
5 Bad Habits:
1. Procrastinating!
2. Taking my phone off the hook during nap time!
3. Talking too much, then worrying about what I said!
4. Fluffing clothes in the dryer instead of ironing (that's right, I DO NOT LIKE to iron!)
5. Volunteering to do too many things that I really do not have time for. ( I am getting better at this!)
5 Places I have lived...
1. Jackson, MS
2. Hattiesburg, MS
3. Oxford, MS
4. Nantucket, MA
5. Memphis, TN
5 Jobs I have had....
1. Babysitter
2. Sno-cone maker
3. Ice-cream Scooper
4. Teacher
5. Domestic Engineer: aka: MOM, the most rewarding by far!
Finally, if you are STILL reading, Willing, and haven't already been tagged, I tag.....
1. Caitlyn
2. Laura
3. Aimee
4. Cassandra
5. Mimi
6. Barbara

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