Friday, May 16, 2008

Blog-Worthy Pictures

I have been meaning to post so many pics this week, but we have just been so busy! Things are still going great around here. Next week will be our first official week without any in-house help. We greatly appreciate all that our parents have helped us do since Caroline's birth, and the many meals we have received from friends! OK, well since I am behind, here is a sample of our week in pics....
Mommy and Caroline!Wait! I thought that was MY swing!!!!
Silly Big Sister!Caroline and Daddy!This is the playhouse that Pop built! An early birthday present for Molly Cate!
A ride on the carousel at the park....compliments of Mimi!

Enjoying my new bouncy seat! A visit from the Nicks was one of the highlights this week! How cute are the Carolines!
Our 1st Ice Cream from the "Ice Cream Man"
Molly Cate dressed up for a trip to Target! When we arrived at target I realized this parking space was no longer an option!:(

Oh, to all of you children of the '80s NKOTB are on a reunion tour!! I could not help but add this to our weekly pics after watching them sing step by step on the Today show!!!!


  1. Thank goodness you put up NKOTB! I've been dying to see them on your blog.:) You all look great - and well-slept! Good girl, Caroline.

  2. I actually was very excited to see NKOTB. Made me feel like a pre-teen again. Please don't go giirrrlll! You look great!


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