Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Perfect Date

Hello, everyone (all 5 or 6 of you readers out there!). With my at-home CEO’s approval, I (Sugar and Spice Daddy) present my first entry.

Yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, I had the pleasure of taking my favorite little girl in the world on a date as we enjoyed “daddy-daughter time.” This date was extra special since it was in addition to our regular fun Saturday routine - “Daddy-Daughter Day.” Ashley and Caroline (representing from the womb) enjoyed time to themselves at home.

Around 5, Molly Cate and I covered the essentials before venturing out (diaper change, socks and shoes,– Ashley, where are Molly Cate’s shoes? Where? I don’t see them. Are you sure? Oh, there they are! – sippy cup (Molly Cate, milk, apple juice or orange juice?), diaper bag properly equipped, pacifier just in case of a break down, and whatever else she saw on the way out the door). We were on the hunt for Horizon’s (organic) Vanilla milk. After an unsuccessful stop at the Fresh Market (had the regular milk but no vanilla), we arrived at Starbuck’s to an ample supply of the desired drink.

The display of baked goods quickly caught Molly Cate’s eye. “Daddy look! Daddy look!” was common as she eyed the various cookies, breads, pastries and so forth. With little debate, the giant M&M cookie won. I ordered a “fancy pants” beverage while MC got her vanilla milk. While we shared the cookie, she was most interested in the M&M’s (or “M, M, M, M, M”) as I ate the cookie. Yes, we “ruined our appetites” with all the sweets, but how often do I have this opportunity? Ashley, the dinner was wonderful nonetheless!

Our conversation flowed well, which should be the case for a couple who’ve known one another for going on two years. We discussed the various aspects of the store as we first sat at one of the cool, circular tables but later moved to a hip-looking, comfortable chair (large enough for both of us). She found the trash cans to be intriguing (“Daddy look!”). She created trash so that she could throw stuff away. She said hello to as many people as would listen and acknowledge her. But, once she pressed her straw deep into the milk’s carton, it was time to head home. Ashley took a picture of Molly Cate and the remnants from the trip once we arrived home (at my request). We had the perfect date – great time, conversation, food, drink and affection – I was able to sneak in a few hugs, kisses and even an “I love you” or two!

I am reminded every day of the importance of soaking in every sweet moment as life quickly passes us by. God has an awesome way of showing Himself to me daily through my wonderful family and the love we share. God-willing, we will soon welcome Caroline into our family. I reflect that less than 2 years ago, we were anticipating the arrival of our first little angel, truly a gift from above (James 1:17). Two years have already passed us by! In our society, it is unfortunately acceptable for the dad to be busy with work and extracurricular activities such as golf, spending time with the kids more as a token appearance than quality time. Not in my house! Ashley and I are daily grateful for the blessings of our Molly Cate and Caroline. Boom Pa (dad) said many times to me that little girls have a way of changing a guy (and that he hoped that I was blessed with that experience). Now, I couldn’t agree more. Guys, (if any actually read a blog with such a feminine appearance and feel) I encourage you to spend as much time as you can with your wife and children. Leave your work at the workplace. Put the clubs down. Soon, our 18 or so years we are blessed to spend with these heavenly gifts (before college and beyond) will be up as they are “all grown up.” Thanks for listening. Ken

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  1. There really is something special between a daddy and his little girl and I enjoyed reading about your special afternoon. Thanks for sharing. Now I must go tell our daddy that the pressure is on for him to blog. HA!
    Seriously, you are a blessing to each other and I am certain Molly Cate treasured the afternoon just as much as you, even if she doesn't realize it just yet.


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