Thursday, April 24, 2008


Well, after having contractions since 5:00 yesterday I am STILL at home. I started having contractions yesterday when Ken got home, we timed them for over an hour, then decided we better call Gran and Boompa to watch Molly Cate. At the hospital I had made no progression during the time I was there, so my Dr. gave me the option of:
1. staying and being induced at 5 am, or
2. going home to sleep and seeing him today.
We choose option 2, thinking for sure he would admit me today. Well, the only good thing about that decision was the wonderful sleep I got thanks to Ambian (sp??)! When I saw him this morning he said, sorry no progression, and sent me home. So today I have still been having contractions on and off, at this point I do not know when I should go to the hospital. I certainly DO NOT want to have this baby in the car. (Who would like to hear a story about Ken delivering a baby in the car???) So, now I have to focus my mind on the fact that God is in control here, he has already decided when little Caroline will make her entrance into the world. Needless to say we are all on pins and needles at this point, which makes me laugh as the Bible verse on my calendar is " Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD." Psalm 27:14


  1. I am certainly ready for Miss Caroline to come too. It would be nice if she would come this weekend when I am not at work. Mimi, Pop, Gran, Boompa, and myself (Aunt Jill) could pull another all nighter at the hospital.


  2. You poor thing!! I'm hoping and praying little Caroline comes soon!

  3. I had a dream Tuesday night that you had had her. I thought for sure I'd wake up to an email announcement. Well, I suppose you could be at the hospital at this very moment...


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