Friday, March 7, 2008

Let it SNOW, Let it SNOW, Let it March??

I was planning on posting today about what we have been doing since Valentines, but now it is SNOWING so that takes precedence over the last few weeks events. YES! It is snowing, it is March, and of course we get Snow in MARCH! Why not December??? Well, I do have to say it is very pretty. Molly Cate and I had just settled down for a nice afternoon nap and when we arose we had a beautiful white landscape!!! I was trying to wait it out to show her until Ken could get home, but I just could not wait! She was somewhat amazed at what she saw and did not want to come in at first!!! Her words were "cold" and "brr-rabbit" and "chilly-dog" (what we like to say when it is cold outside). Her cute little pink snow boots have come in handy. Enjoy the pics, I will post more soon. By the way it is STILL snowing and is suppose to into the night. We have planned a warm night of a fire, hot chocolate, and chili!! Maybe this cold snap will bring SPRING!:)

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