Sunday, February 3, 2008

This Weekend.....

Well, this weekend has been more fun and laid back compared to our episode starting last Sunday night! On Friday night we had our Valentine party with our Sunday School class. It was so much fun, and I think everyone had a great time. (see Sullivan's blog for fun pics...) I have to admit I was really proud of my Martha Stewart/Edible Arrangement desert concotion! I got the idea from the Edible Arrangement ad. When I was almost done I realized I needed more chocolate and more strawberries!! (I guess it dosn't help when a 1 1/2 year old is watching, and want to taste test!!!) So, I called Ken to pick up more strawberries and more chocolate! Well, a little miscommunication actually turned out good. He did not get the chocolate so I was left to fill in the holes of the arrangement with plain strawberries, which made it look quite cute! See picture!
If you want to make one at home:
  • 1 tin or vase
  • Styrafoam from the craft store
  • bamboo skewers (I suggest small and large so that you have a variety, you can even cut the large ones)
  • 3 containers of Strawberries. Try and get a variety of sizes. The container Ken got had smaller ones and were brighter red, which was great for the fill-ins!
  • 2 containers of Bakers dipping chocolate, or you can buy the bark and melt it in a pot, the dipping chocolate is just easier and less messy!

Put the foam in the bottom of the container, wash strawberries, have sticks and berries laid out with chocolate melted. Put the skewer in the starberry and dip into chocolate. Randomly pace stawberries until full. Fill in with smaller strawberries. I had to move some of mine around to get the right "look".

I made this right before the party, but this could be done the day or night before and put into the fridge.

Ok, Well I did not know I was going to post all about my creation, but it was fun, so I had to share!

Saturday we made muffins for breakfast (see pics), bought paint for Molly Cate's big girl room, played at the park because of the mild weather, and relaxed at home!!!

Now, we are just gearing up for the big game!!!!


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