Friday, October 4, 2013

A little "Catch-UP" with some Chicken!

Before I get to the Chicken part I need to do a little catch up....
This Fall has been about yours??

We've been packing in the activities...this was our trip to see Disney on Ice.  This had become a yearly treat and the girls have always loved it, but Jack was pretty into this year too!

Princesses...ready to go!


Watching the action!!

We were also excited that these two princesses got to join us in the fun too!!!

We've had on again off again fall recent Saturday our weather was PERECT for a zoo visit!!!

Jack's favorite spot!!

Caroline checking out the Pandas!! My animal lover!!

Fun time with the cousins!!!

A rare family picture! Thanks to Aunt Jill for taking this!!

Last week we celebrate Molly Cate's teachers birthday in class on Wednesday.....

And Funis Runis on Friday!!!!

Fall soccer is in full swing...this is where you will find us on a Friday night!

Last Saturday we made a quick visit to see Grandaddy at the hospital and saw Gran and Grandmother too! What a sweet picture of the girls with their grandmother and great-grandmother!!!

We also got to see one of my girls from my old high school class that is now at OLE MISS!!

Caroline had a tea party birthday to attend!

Then we watched football and had dinner with friends! Jack was excited to have some boy interaction!!!

WHEW...A BUSY Saturday!!!

Now on to the Chicken!!!....
It all started with my friend telling me how Chick fil A was going to give away chicken to 100 people for a year.  We thought we could just show up....little did we realize it was a camp out!! HA!!

So, two of my friends started planning and peer pressuring me into camping out with our oldest kids to win chicken! If you know me well you know I DO NOT CAMP! 

I wanted my site to look like this....

It looked more like this....

This was ok...Because we had a BLAST!!!!

We arrived at 5:00 and we were #31

Our camping Crew...although Jack did not stay!

We all participated in the hula hoop contest!!

Chicken Dance!!!!

Caroline and Anna Claire won the Twist Contest!!

Doing the Thriller dance!

We had a great time singing, dancing, playing games and making memories!!! Chick-Fil-A fed us dinner and entertained us, at 10 the music stopped then we walked through the drive through for some yummy ice cream! 

We made some super fun memories and I'm so glad we did this...even though we were exhausted on Thursday!

By midnight we were here.....

5:00 AM came early...but we won....52 combo meal for the year!! 

By this time next year I may not want to eat Chick-Fil-A again! HA!

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