Monday, June 10, 2013


What!?!?! Yep ...its a post!! 
Life has given me a small moment to blog! 

Do you Instagram? I do! This has literally taken the place of my blog a little.  I'm still happy to be here and share things, but Instagram is so fun for....well....instant updates!!

So to download my Spring on ya......

Ken and I each went to Haiti!
I hope to share much more from this precious time!!! 

I locked my keys in the car, not one but 2 TIMES!!!!

 We enjoyed a field trip to Seussical!!

 Jack learned some new tricks!

We have enjoyed visiting three different zoos this spring! 

Some fun cousin time!!

Easter Celebration!

 MC enjoyed being the Star Student!

.....and CAROLINE did too!!

  Fun end of the year celebrations!!


Spring outdoor play!

Family fun time in St. Louis!!

And all around SILLINESS!

Heres to summer with more fun, craziness and hopefully blog posts!! 

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  1. Super fun pics! I'm with you about IG!! Love following ya!


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