Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Jesse Tree Journey

This will mark our third year to do the Jesse Tree, although I must admit that the first year was a little difficult to keep up with considering I was weeks away from having a baby.  Last year I decided we would do it right!  I had been studying the Chronological Bible for two years and I knew that teaching my children about the coming of the Savior in Chronological order was important.  Very Important! I learned a lot as we went through last year and this year I hope to add some new things here and there that are appropriate for the age of my kids (6,4, almost 2) So, if you have kids in that age range or not I invite you to journey along with us as we study the Bible daily with our kids, focusing on the lineage of Christ and the the coming of our Newborn King!!

How to get started:
You can make this as simple or complex as you wish.
What you need:
  • A tree (this can be a store bought tree, a real tree, or just some twigs from the yard.

  • An ornament to represent each story (these can be hand made by you or your kids or even store bought) You can gather all of them before you start your journey and pre wrap them up like I do, or just make the ornament the day of.
1. Earth: Creation

2. Apple: Adam and Eve
3. Rainbow: Noah
4. Stars: God's Promise to Abe
5. Bundle of Sticks: Isaac

6. Ladder: Jacob
7. Coat: Joseph
8. Burning Bush: Moses
9. Lamb/Passover Door: Passover
10. 10 Commandments: Moses gives God's Commandments

11. Wheat: Ruth
12. Red Rope: Rahab
13. Trumpet/Ram Horn: Joshua
14. Male Crown: Samuel
15. Shepherds Crook: David
16. Stone Altar: Elijah

17. Sun: Isaiah
18. Tears: Jeremiah
19. Lion: Daniel
20. Whale: Jonah
21. Female Crown: Esther
22. Watch Tower: Habakkuk

23. Heart: Ezra: God's people turn their heart back to God
24. Pen/Tablet: Zachariah/John
25. Angel: Mary
26. Manger: Jesus' Birth
27. Star: Wise Men

Last night we started! The girls were excited to open the first ornament and get it hung.  

I complied a few ideas to help my family get started, so here they are for you as well:

Please note, we may not have time everyday to do all the things I have complied, but it's just an idea bank for things we could do if time allows.  Christmas is a busy season.  We want our focus to be on JESUS. We want to be intentional about teaching our children why Jesus was born, why He came to this world and how much He loves each of us.  

I will be updating with more lessons as we go along, so please come back for more.  I have also started a pin board with ideas HERE.

"We will tell the next generation
the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord,
    his power, and the wonders he has done."  
PSALM 78:4


  1. Absolutely adorable and wonderful! Thank you for posting this. Such a sweet idea!

  2. I marvel at your creativity and your passion to disciple your sweet babies! Thanks for posting this- going to attempt to start this tradition this year :)

  3. Ashley, I just have to tell you that this is such a wonderful tradition to do with your sweet children each year. I wish I had started this when Seth was younger. I love it!

    Also, I am so proud of you!! I knew you were a special girl when you came to teach at Thames! You were a super teacher and now, you are clearly a wonderful mother!!! Your family is adorable :-)

    I look forward to following your blog.


  4. My family celebrates with a Jesse tree, too! http://www.etsy.com/listing/109692943/jesse-tree-christmas-advent-felt-jesse


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