Thursday, April 7, 2011

OH YEAH.....

I almost forgot I have a blog! Not really, but life with three kiddos has kept me busy on top of the other things that have been going on around here! It's almost been one month since I last blog and that is really bad.  I have kept up with my 365 pictures everyday, just not with posting them everyday.  Click on 365 to catch up with our daily pics!
Spring break was a few weeks back. I was BRAVE enough to load up all three kids and go visit my parents.  The kids had a lot of fun, and got to play with Mimi and Pop two extra days since I got sick while we were there. Here are the highlights...
Piled in ready to go!

Our field trip to the Exploritorium!

Jack meeting Grandaddy Brown.

Four generations!

Hanging out with Marley in her princess tent!

One last day to play before leaving Mimi and Pop's house!

Our spring weather has been kinda odd, one day we are wearing coats and the next playing in the backyard like it's July...

The girls were excited to see Seasame Street live!

And Jack made a new friend and turned two months old....all in the same day!!

He also had his shots last week! Those first shots are the worst! Poor little guy did sooo good though!!

In other news, our house is cracking! Due to some foundation problems we had to get some major repairs done...while having this wrok done the company fixing everything up found that big pile of concrete under our house....along with a lot more!

Last Saturday we headed south to our favorite small town....Oxford!! It was the perfect day to get out and about and enjoy the weather!

Jack was a trooper and had fun strolling around town! After walking around the square, we headed to campus to play and ride scooters in the Grove. 

The girls also enjoyed visiting the Delta Delta Delta house to see where me, aunt Jill and Gran used to live!

We have also been memorizing some scripture with the girls....

And enjoying the beautiful botanic gardens and my big backyard!

Last but not least we have hit the birthday season around here...Caroline will be 3 in a few weeks and MC will turn 5 in June.  Since we will not be in preschool this summer MC got to celebrate early as star student in her class for a day!

Whew...well thanks for catching up with us and our crazy but delightful life!:)


  1. Love getting to see some new pics of your sweet family! Jack is adorable and the girls are just as precious as ever! Miss you guys!

  2. I was wondering when you would be blogging again! Glad you're back and love all the pics! Jack is precious :)

  3. Wow thanks for the update. Love all the smiles. Oh and that chock-board, how delightful! No worries about the blog. We will be here. Life goes on. I totally need to be better about doing updates etc. I just did a few recent posts. You have such a beautiful family ~ how sweet is that presh baby Jack!!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun. Wow Jack is getting so big! Those poor shots are no fun at all.

    Glad you posted.

    (Three is hard, isn't it?)

  5. SO good to see an update from you all, Jack looks so much like his mama!!
    Hope all is well- miss you!

  6. So, I know I already posted- sorry :) but, somehow I just realised that the bunny made the blog! Yay, hope that little bunny brings Jack as much happiness as it has our girls. haha! Lilly is quite attached these days.
    Again, love and miss you all :)


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