Monday, January 10, 2011

Handmade Gift Goodies to Inspire

I love to make crafty gifts for people...that is when I have the time.  On Saturday we had two parties, a baby shower and a birthday party for one of MC's classmates.  Earlier in the week I was thinking on what to get, when I realized I had all the supplies needed to make a few crafty gifts.  These gifts really only required a little time.  The first was a little stitched shirt for a friend's baby.  I have made these in the past and love how they look so sweet on a little one.
 They are pretty easy to make, and when I get a chance I will do a quick tutorial on them.  I need to work on on another one anyway for baby Jack! If you would rather buy one here is where I was inspired....Tiny Sprouts.

For Molly Cate's friend we made a little crayon roll.  MC helped me choose the fabric from my stash and we followed the tutorial from The Pleated Poppy.  I did not have flannel lining so I used some iron on interfacing. It worked just great!  MC was really into this project, she also picked out the button.  A kid sized sewing machine is on her wish list!

Who does not love crayons?? One of my favorite things are fresh school supplies, so this picture just makes me a giddy!

Maybe this has inspired you to be crafty on a cold winter day??

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  1. so cute! I used to love picking out new crayons, pencils, and markers each school year. It's great you can make such cute items to give as gifts!


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