Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Puppy Love

Christmas 2005
It has been almost two months, enough time for me to mourn and get over the fact that we are no longer dog owners. I have been wanting to write this post for a while, but I just could not write about the pups without getting emotional.  The first week I think I cried everyday (when the girls were not looking).  The first time it rained, I thought "Oh, we have to wipe paws off today!" Although there were no paws to wipe.  The first time I heard neighbor's dog barking it sounded so much like Charlie, I almost called him in so that he would not disturb anyone.  Lily's "spot" on the couch seems so bare.

Old pictures from about 5 years ago...

Giving away your dogs is a a hard thing to do, but knowing how full our hands will soon be with three kids under the age of five it was what we had to do.  Dogs need to be walked and played with and given much more attention than what we had been giving them. We knew they would be happier somewhere else.  Although the plan to keep them together did not work out Lily and Charlie are in good homes with families that are giving them lots of attention.  We hear that Charlie is learning Spanish and got to visit Santa Claus.  I have only talked to Lily's new owner one time and she was very interested in knowing all about her and what she likes.

 Lily was given to me by Mr. Nice when he proposed, so saying goodbye to her was a little harder.  I'm sure her new owner thought I was crazy when I sobbed to her over the phone.  Lily was the alphadog, large and in charge.  Very sweet to the girls, but not too sweet to Charlie! Set in her ways but very loyal.

Charlie was a "lets wait a few more years until we have a baby" dog, although I was preggo with Spice nine months after we got him.  Charlie has the funniest personality and also very loyal, but was scared to death of the girls and Lily.  He was chocolate brown when we first got him, but eventually turned light tan.  So that is how he got his name Charlie, like Charlie mom named him.

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  1. Awww, SO SAD Ashley! But, I have to say I totally understand, I still miss Georgia :(
    Sad days, but definitely the best choice with all these little ones around!

  2. Such sweeties but you did the best thing you could..

  3. I don't think I even realized this happened...even though we were at your house a couple of weeks ago!! I had to do it too with the cats and it was hard but now I am so glad I did!

  4. Ohhh how sad. I miss those pups!!! I hope they are doing okay... call and check on them soon.


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