Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tiny's Back in Town!

One fun thing the girls have been looking forward to is "Tiny's" return!  Who is Tiny? Well, he did make an appearance in this blog post HERE, but I do not think I ever "officially" blogged about Tiny. Tiny is an Elf on the Shelf, and makes the countdown to Christmas exciting and fun! We started this little tradition last year and it has been so much fun the past two days seeing where Tiny will land!  On Friday Tiny made his grand appearance in the girl's room with a new tree just for them.  I have never heard Spice get up so quickly and come running down the hall to call for me downstairs! It was priceless!  Each night Tiny flies to the North Pole to report to Santa Sugar and Spice's behavior.  Every morning he returns to find a new hiding spot to watch from.  Looking for where Tiny lands is the best part!

Tiny brought some ornaments for us to decorate the tree with, which Spice and I worked on Friday afternoon.

We even added the homemade ornaments that I had been working on for the girls.  Hopefully I can have a DIY for you on Tuesday!  They are fun and cherry and so easy to make!

Spice was very particular in where each ornament would go, and she was being so very careful to not touch Tiny.  That is one of the are never to touch your elf, or he will loose his magic.  This little rule has distressed Sugar quite a bit!

Our finished tree with Tiny hanging on for dear life!  Come back for more elf adventures, because you never know where Tiny may show up the next day!

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? What fun places have you found your elf in??

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  1. Glad Tiny is back. I think Ford's Elf may come visit tomorrow night.

  2. Tiny is precious! I am glad to see your Elf is not too destructive :) I would love to see how you made those fantastic ornaments!

  3. i love that elf idea! they are currently on sale at barnes and noble, i might just have to go and buy one!


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