Monday, October 4, 2010

Date Day

Saturday Mr. Nice and I had the luxury of going to Oxford just him and I! This is a rare thing and a rare thing that I was actually going to a game! I have not been to a game since before Spice was born.  Our date actually started Friday night with dinner out then cupcakes with friends! On Saturday morning we headed to Oxford (one of my most favorite places) and met Jill, Trey and Ford at Bottletree.

I took not one picture of me and my sister in law...sad huh?? Im going to blame that one on the boys...they should have offered huh?  This is the little treat I picked up for myself...YUMMY!!!

After we met up we made our way to campus with about 55,000 other people.  We parked down the road from my sorority house.  I lived here two years and LOVED it...but took it all for granted! The top window on the far left was my room my senior year!

After a quick run through the grove we were off to the game! We were lucky to snag some great tickets and enjoyed the 1st half of the game with this view...

During the 2nd half we went to the south end zone to sit with Jill, Trey and Ford.  We were also excited to see some friends! This was the view down there...
This little cutie was in a great mood and made us laugh a whole lot.  He is easier to enjoy when I am not resposible for two other children.  Hanging out with him makes me super excited about my little guy on the way in FOUR short months!!

It is fun having a picture made with your hubby when usually you are so focused on taking pictures of your kids.  I think I need to make it more of a priority to get our picture together as much as I try to get the girls pictures together! I seriously enjoyed our day together and we are really thankful to BoomPa and Gran for taking care of the girls while we got to spend some time together!

We left the game with a WIN, Ole Miss 42, Kentucky 35! Go Rebs!

Hotty Toddy,
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  1. Whoa!! Boy?!?! I didn't know this important fact, but I'm SO excited for you two (five, actually....)- holy cow....a boy amongst all these girls, how exciting!!!!!!
    Love and miss you all!

  2. Looks like a fabulous day all the way around. I wish my school had had a football team and sorority house. I just had that conversation with some of my sisters last night actually.

    You look great!

  3. Glad ya'll had a great time together.
    Side note
    So ya got Sugar and Spice and Mr. Nice....(that kinda rhymed in my head lol) but what is your name?? and i guessin ur gonna have to come up with a name for boy anthonys!!


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