Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Future Stylist

There are things as a mom that you think, hope and pray your child will never do.  So far we have made it through free and clear of Spice not doing this unthinkable thing.  I will admit that I was guilty of this crime as a little one, and I still vividly remember commiting the crime sitting on the floor behind our burnt orange recliner.  Between my two girls, I wholeheartedly expected this from Miss. Spice but never ever Miss. Sugar.  (As Sugar gets older I'm thinking of switching her name to Spice!)

On Saturday I heard Mr. Nice yell "NO!", of course I went running down stairs to see what was up.  There she was with little sprinkles of hair on the floor behind her!! Sugar had done it...cut her hair! She pouted for a while then cover her eyes with stickers, I think because she was embarrassed. 

It wasn't much, but later I did find a few more snips behind the chair. I am thankful that she has curly hair so it makes it hard to tell where she snipped right in the front! For now the scissors have found a safe hiding spot.
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  1. Oh my! I never expected it from my girl either until it happened!! Never say never, right:) Kathryn's hair is STILL growing out and it's literally been months!!! Love the sticker over the eye:)

  2. Oh that is too adorable. My girls did the same thing.. well my older girl did it my younger girl.. Right at the crown and bangs too, buzzed her big time. Take lots of pictures, my girls love hearing about it now..It will come back, it will seem like forever, but it will. The sticker is great too!

  3. My son totally just cut his own hair, not a pretty picture. He got gum in it. BOO!


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