Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I have many fathers in my life..

My Dad...He is just about the best. I think he is so smart and I always trust his opinion on the latest statistics and studies that have come out.  He likes reading that kinda stuff...I don't, so I like to hear it all from him!  He is fun and silly with my girls, loves them and makes them laugh.  He used to take me to McDonalds as a kid.  I know that is a normal thing, but it is just a fond memory I have.  He used to pick me up from Kindergarten on his bike, and I thought that was super cool! Him and my mom always took me on educational vactions, which I LOVED! When I hear that ticking sound on 60 minutes I think of him.  He's a hard worker.  He can fix anything. He takes care and loves my mom.  I could probably think of a billion more things, but I don't have the time.  I'm proud that he is MY dad!

Ken's Dad...He is a great guy too! He has taught my husband many wonderful qualities that I admire!  He makes us laugh..A LOT! He thinks the girls are great and loves them as well!  He PLANS everything out...which is funny to me b/c I am not as much a planner!  When I hear the Andy Griffith theme song I think of him. He gets my sense of direction and trusts me to get him around...even in NY! He loves Mrs. Suzanne and takes care of her.  Again, I could name many, many, many reason we love BoomPa, but my time is short! I'm proud to call him my father-in-law!

My Husband...He is not my father, but my children's father and I am so thankful for who he is as a dad.  He is funny and silly and is not afraid to act crazy with the girls.  He plays dress up and my little ponies! He takes the girls for donuts on the weekends.  He makes the best coffee for this tired mama! He cares about every aspect of the girls lives.  I know that he would go above and beyond to be the best dad ever.  He loves his girls.  He loves me.  He protects and provides for us! I love him and the girls LOVE thier dad!!

My heavenly father...I have never met him.  I don't know what He looks like.  I love Him.  I know He loves me.  He is always there to listen to me.  I can cry to Him and laugh out loud to Him.  I pray to Him daily...that's the only thing that gets me through! He knows my thoughts and my actions, and no matter what He still loves me.  Guess what?? He loves you too, because He is also your Father! I can't wait to meet Him one day in Heaven and you can too! Do you want to? I hope so! Read More HERE


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