Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend Wrap Up

I feel like my Mother's day truly started on Friday! We had a fun filled day at the park with friends tie-dying, playing and picnicing! It was such a nice cool yet warm day to be outside and enjoy the spring!

That night Spice had her yearly music program at school which is always fun to watch! We had cookies and cupcakes after to celebrate our sweet preschool director who is retiring this year.  We will miss her so much!

Saturday morning came early because we had to BE at the botanic gardens at 8:00 am for pictures. Being somewhere at 8:00 on a Saturday morning is not an easy thing for us! Also, it was FREEZING outside which is kinda crazy considering IT IS May and my girls were wearing sleeveless summer dresses!! Here is our best friend Tracy (aka: professional photographer for Juniper Tree Photography) in action.  I'm not sure how much she loved me taking photos of her taking photos, but it was fun!

Afterwards her boys met up with us to play at the graden's Big Backyard!

The big boys had fun too........

After naps we headed over to the pottery place to paint.  This has become a little tradition since Sugar was born.  This year was a little more difficult though because they had a hard time sharing paint time on the coffee mug I picked out.

The girls also gave me my sweet cards and pictures they had drawn.  Spice even made me a beautiful pin (that I did not photograph :( ).  Mr. Nice was super sweet.  After I posted the other day about my last day to be in my 20's he snuck over to the antique store (which he DOES NOT appreciate like I do) to find the little framed mother picture I had posted about.  He said after an almost 2 hour search (imagine an old walmart being turned into an antique store with little 12'x12' booths in the whole store) he could not find what I had blogged about.  I never had a clue he had been there until he told me this story on Saturday.  He did however find a picture with a little poem about mothers!! Really?? How sweet??

Sunday morning I got more hugs and kisses from my girls, and I proudly wore my beautiful pin Spice made me to church! We spent the afternoon cooking out with our neighbors and playing. We had a great day!

My mothers day was perfect and wonderful, but I was very sad that I did not get to see my own mother or mother-in-law this year on mother's day.  We love them both very much and are thankful for what they have invested in our lives.  Our grandmother's are special to us too, we are blessed to have them! See all their pretty faces HERE.  Hope you mother's all had a great day!

PS: Want to know what the "big boys" were watching on the phones?? This is hilarious...we have been laughing ALL weekend!

We don't own a swagger wagon, but our friends do so they introduced us to this!! HA!!

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  1. Your mothers day looked like a lot of fun hanging out at the park all day!
    Ok, that swagger wagon video is too funny!!! We don't have a van either but I want to send that to everyone who has one.
    Have a great week!

  2. Men find the funniest things on the Internet.

    Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. You have such a beautiful family.


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