Thursday, April 29, 2010

...the end

April 27, 2010 marked the end of a decade for me! My twenties are officially OVER! The girls both had school that day, so I decided to have a fun filled day while they were there.  I tried to document most of the day...maybe corny...but it was fun and I had MANY laughs!
My day begain like

Without these three things to start my day I'm usually in a pretty bad mood! Before I am completely done reading and studying my Bible someone usually wakes up, today was no different....
Sugar arose first! Although she was content to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for a little while! I went on with my day..
What to wear?? It was my last day at being in my 20's, so I thought about really dressing all out for it.  Too bad I had gotten rid of my zebra pants and sparkly tops.  About a month after giving birth to Spice I purged my closet of all things deemed not worthy enough to be worn by a mother (I had also come to the conclusion that my hips and the weight I had gained would never go away) Here is the best I could find....

In the midst of digging in my closet...another one woke outfit for the day would have to be put off for now....

Maybe I should start putting that laundry away??...nah!

I was now off to make muffins with Sugar and Spice.  Not homemade, just the stir in the milk and enjoy kind....

While the girls ate breakfast I packed lunches and bags...

They were off to play and I finally decided on an appropriate "It's my last day of my 20's" outfit...

We jumped in the car and headed to school...

After I dropped the girls off the day was on, but first a little reminder of what I was about to leave behind....

My first stop of the day....
I love the coffee and chocolate cake donuts with coconut!!

My next stop was the most hilarious of the day.  My parents gave me some birthday money so I decided to treat myself to a pedicure. 
I was the only one in the shop and it was nice and relaxing.  I texted my SIL to tell her about my sweet nail tech and how her glasses were very similar to the ones she sported in the 80's. Nothing against 80's glasses....I thought they were cute.  Via text messaging my SIL convinced me to take a picture of her so she could confirm....

This is my new friend Kim! She was so sweet, although there was a laungage barrier, we had good conversation. After I took the picture she was sooo excited that she wanted to take my picture...

and my picture with her....
and my picture with the other workers....I just went with it....

Im thankful that I was the only person in there or people might have though I was a little loony! I love my new friends at the nail shop and I will be back soon! It was time for me to go to my next of my favorite antique/junk stores....

When I walked in I spotted a good friend.....we are for sure kindered spirits....we already had plans to meet for lunch...of course we would be at our favorite store before that......
They have a great supply of golden books here...

How cute is this wooden Noah's ark?

I would love this for Mother's day...maybe I should go back and buy it for my mom?

I was actually looking for a light fixture for my dining room, but left with 2 new counter stools...

The DD donut had worn off and now it was time to meet 2 sweet friends for lunch...

We had a great time laughing and talking and enjoying time together without having to tell kids to behave! We enjoyed this too...

Now for some more shopping...

...and to the grocery for a few items...look at all the pretty flowers at thr front of the store...

After my grocery stop I was off to pick up the how time flies when you are having fun! After I got them we had to go a few more places...oil change...fabric's for our Tuesday sweet treat...

Home again home again...jig-a-jig jig...

The girls had their sweet treats and told secrets while sitting on the new stools.  I made dinner for a sweet friend who just had a baby....BBQ chicken pizza...yum!

At this point I am really upset with myself...I did not document any longer.  We delivered dinner which I am the most upset about not taking picture of the sweet little baby we visited! After that it was a pretty normal night..we ate our dinner, got ready for bed, put the girls down and crashed as well!!

The last day of my 20's was a great and fun day!!

I was thinking the other day how FULL of life and memories my twenties have been..
*I made some good choices
*I made some dumb choices
*I had a lot of fun
*I lived on a island for a summer
*I got engaged to the love of my life
*I graduated from college
*I started my first "real" job
*I married the love of my life
*I (we) moved away from home, for real... not just for college, see you in 4 years kind of move
*I got another "real" job
*I (we) had fun exploring our new city
*I made some bad dinners for my new husband
*I (we) joind an awesome church, and I acted on obedience of my faith to publicly recognize that I AM A CHRISTIAN!
*I (we) bought our first home and current home
*I (we) tested our hand at parenthood with our two dogs
*I have taught Kindergarten, First and Fourth grades
*I experieced pregnancy twice!
*I gave birth to two precious girls!
*I have met tons of sweet friends in my new hometown
*I have watched my mom battle cancer twice...and been so proud and thankful for her than I ever have!
*I became an aunt
*I (we) have traveled to many places
*I have laughed
*I have cried
*I have been blessed beyond measure by my heavenly Father!

My twenties have been so exciting and wonderful and I pray, Lord willing that my next decade will be as well!

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  1. This year I will turn 31. Though I thought turning 30 was the end of the world, I quickly realized that my 30s held so many wonderful possibilities. Though I'd give anything to look like I did when I was 20, 30 definitely ain't bad! Happy B'day and yay for the next chapter(s) of your life!

  2. Well Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope this new decade is filled with much happiness and many blessings.

    I'm glad your day was so great. Your daughters are too cute...


  3. I love your new friends at the nail shop and I can't stop laughing!

  4. Hope you had the most wonderful birthday, and WELCOME TO 30! I just turned 30 last month, so far it has been a blast! :) Your babies are beautiful (just like their momma!) xoxo

  5. I enjoyed that post. Thanks for the shout out with the glasses. She definitely stole my specks!

    Love the picture of the girls on the way to school. I can't wait to squeeze tbem tomorrow.

  6. Love this post! That would have been my perfect day too especially Sheffield's and lunch with those two great gals! Love the picture of Sugar and Spice sharing secrets and eating their sweet treat. Too, too cute! And love the bar stools. You always have some great finds! Welcome to the 30's! I promise you'll love them!

  7. What a fun post to read especially because I just found your blog and this was a great way to get to know you!
    Happy Birthday! Thats the way I would have spent my day too!
    I'm a new follower.


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