Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

The other night our kitchen was turned into a film studio....seriously!

The young married department at our church puts on an awesome date night once a quarter called Soul Mate can visit their site here.  It is an awesome night with live skits, video, awesome music, coffee, and DESSERT!  The point of the night is to have a date night and learn what God says about marriage.
Mr. Nice and I were asked to be part of this month's video skit....exciting...but scary to me! I am not an actress and have only taken one drama class in my whole life! That was in 9th grade, and I had no clue what I was doing then! My best friend's sister convinced us it would be fun, we only had fun laughing at ourselves! On the other hand I must admit my husband really loves this stuff! He has never been in a movie or commercial, but he is funny and likes to cut up.  I agreed to the video knowing it would not be live!
The main idea is that we are a super hero couple that have our differences (doesn't every marriage?) Mr. Nice plays Heat Wave and I am Ice Blast.

It was a long night filming, but we had a fun time "acting" and hanging out with the crew! I was totally AMAZED by the talent of the director, producer, makeup artists, camera, light and sound guys....and the special effects guy who also now knows ALL my lines b/c I got so nervous and forgot half of them! They do this becuase they love it and because they love God and want to spread the message of Jesus to ALL married couples!

If you live in the Memphis area and want to check out Soul Mate Live, you can find out more info HERE.
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  1. This looks really fun! I would love to see the v ideo!


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