Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2 by 2

When you have two girls so close in age I have come to realize that you must have two of everything.  Whatever the item might be it needs to be the same or at least similar.  If not, there might be some sisterly love sisterly arguing going on!
We usually pack little snacks to eat on the way home from church because the girls are ALWAYS starving when we get out. 1:00 + no lunch = breakdown mode! I had packed two bags of chips (please don't judge, I usually don't give them a bag of chips for a snack but it was the first thing I saw and threw in the bag) and I also had 1 orange.  Both girls were content with the chips until we said there was an orange to SHARE. That started a ruckus and Spice quickly told me that I should have been more like Noah and packed 2 of everything!! I could not help ut look at Mr. Nice and snicker! HA! I just love that girl!

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  1. I love your cozy space you have here. So very cute.

  2. This entry is precious! I can not believe all that Spice says.


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