Thursday, October 22, 2009

Always Kiss Me Goodnight!

I really wish I could tell you that we look this cute when we are going to bed, and sometimes we actually can find all the maching pajams to put the girls in, but a majority of the time they look like this....

Mostly because Spice LOVES to pickout lothes and pajamas, so this is the area that I have decided to say, "who cares??"
This is the "get-up" she pickout last night.  I told her she needed some warm socks to sleep in as well so she raided my sock drawer and found some easter egg ones.  She shared these with Mr. Nice...

He later admitted he really liked them! Shhh....don't tell but I think he did end up sleeping in them!

In the grand scheme of things this is what is most important before bedtime!


  1. That is a sweet picture of Mr. Nice and Sugar!!!!! I do think the pink socks are very fitting on him as well.

  2. At least you can get your little ones to wear clothes to bed:) Underpants seem to be our pajamas of choice:) I don't know what I am going to do once it really turns cold! Maybe underpants and some pink socks a la Mr. Nice:)

  3. That is precious!!! And I'm just now noticing how much Spice and Mr. Nice look like each other. Guess you each got one, huh?


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