Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fairy Princess Ballet

This week we have stayed busy, mostly because Spice has been attending Fairy Princess Ballet Camp. Four days this week she got her leotard on, bucked in the car, cried when I dropped her off, and was laughing when I picked her up. On the second day, I thought, Oh no, why have we done this?? Let me just say, in the end it PAID OFF!! I have never laughed so hard!

On the last day the girls put on a little performance for the parents. Spice had five fans in the audience cheering her on. (Me, Mr. Nice, Sugar, Boompa, and Gran) I was nervous that the performance might include her as a spectator and not a participant. Oh, was I dead WRONG! That little Spice put on her own ballet!! We all laughed, and I cried, partly because I was laughing so hard, partly because I was a proud mama!! I'm not sure what teacher Spice was watching this week, but she had her own moves!!

I am disappointed in my pictures, and why we did not bring a video camera, who knows?? I think my pictures are blurry because I was laughing/crying so hard! HA!! Anyway...enjoy!


  1. Look at all that cuteness! I think they turned out OK. They are so adorable!!!

  2. Simply sweet!! I love those pics.!!!

  3. that is just precious..there is NOTHING like seeing your little girl doing her first ballet performance on stage...I love how she is doing nothing the other little girls are doing..that little Molly Cate is a true DIVA!! give her kisses from us..we love u


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