Friday, March 13, 2009

Rocks in My Washer....

Have you heard of the blog Rocks in my Dryer? If not, you should go there and check it out. Well, I am not sure how Shannon came up with her blog name, but I am guessing that it went something like my morning...
Load one of the day is done, gather another, put in dryer, get ready to start load #2. Ahh, look in washer and see some rocks. Where did those come from? Oh yeah, Spice was out collecting treasures at the park the other afternoon. She must have left some in her pockets!! Now we have some freshly cleaned rocks!! Oh, I just want to treasure these moments. To find rocks in my washer, there are not many stages of life when I will find little treasures like that in my washer. I take that back…. at least this time it was not Mr. Nice’s iPod, yes he leaves treasures in his pockets as well!


  1. that's funny; we have treasures too-- lately in the form of pens. I have had to save 2 shirts and a pair of pants now from ink spots.

  2. Love the way you're looking at the positive!

  3. You inspired my latest post! By the way, I love all of Miss Sugar's 1st words -- smart girl!


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