Monday, March 16, 2009

Multiple Kid Monday

Wendy at Mommy Times Four gives some great advice for LAUNDRY!!! Yikes, I don't even like typing that word (as I hear my washer going in the background). It is hard getting it all done even with two little ones. Did I mention one needs a wardrobe change every hour?? The 2 1/2 year old is becoming quite the fashion diva. OK, so my issue is SOCKS!! We have the same basket system at our house, but our little fam of four has eight baskets, yep eight!!! One for each girl; one for their washcloths, towels, blankets, and bibs; one for our darks; one for our lights; one for our whites; one for our towels and washcloths; and a random basket that stays in the laundry room (this catches clothes that need to come off immediately, dish towels, and random items) OK, back to the sock issue...somehow they end up everywhere. Sugar can't keep hers on and Spice just drops hers where she pleases. I found seven random socks in the car the other day...not kidding! So, it is inevitable that they are getting mixed up sometimes. So, I decided Spice would get little dots on the bottom of her socks. Sugar usually only wears socks and I did not want the little dot to show, so her socks have no dots....we will see if this helps!?

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