Monday, February 2, 2009

A Valentine Craft

Painting with Cookie Cutters

While thinking about this craft in advance I decided it would be a good idea to use large sheets of poster board. Why?? It gave Spice more room to paint and when we were done I cut the poster into smaller rectangles, so that we can share the art with grandparents. So, if you would rather use construction paper that will work too!

Cookie cutters
Paint (we used red, pink, and purple)
Poster Board
Paper Plates
Scissors (optional)
Hot Glue Gun (optional)
Ribbon (optional)

First I prepared the craft by putting the paint on paper plates.
We used three colors and three different sizes of cutters.
I spread the paint around a little with the cutters. Spice dipped the cutter into the paint and then onto the poster. We had lots of room with the poster, which was nice; I even joined in on the fun. (she even used her hands a bit!) After painting was complete we sprinkled glitter onto our project.
After it was dry, I cut the project into rectangles and attached ribbon to the back with hot glue.
The project could be made simpler by just painting on white paper, or as elaborate as doing it on an artist canvas. That is what is so great about projects like this…you just can’t mess it up!


  1. Too cute! I love the idea of doing on artist canvas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. oh my goodness, you are the best creative mom ever!!!!!!!!!!

  3. we used your idea to cover our Valentine boxes for school...we did the white paper and I wrapped their boxes--too cute..thanks for the idea!!!


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