Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

We have been celebrating Valentine's for about a week now with packages and cards trickling in. Thank you very much Mimi and Pop for our surprise package! It was a nice treat to wake up to after an afternoon nap. Also, Gran and Boompa brought over some more valentine happys!

Spice got lots of sweet Valentines from her friends at school, and made these to take to her little buddies. I received some beautiful flowers and sweet cards. Mr. Nice also gave me the remainder of the mula I needed to get the camera I have been drooling over for the past few months. I'm no professional, but I have had a lot of fun with my new "toy"!

Mr. Nice said he did not want anything, but I made him this little valentine card...
We had a great time with friends at our SS class Valentine party! We ate yummy Italian and watched the movie Fireproof.... a great movie if you have not seen it! For party favors we gave out Tootsie Rolls tied with "Love Dares" from the movie.

We took the girls for some donuts on Valentine's Day morning. We just spent most of the day hanging out at home. Mr. Nice and I got yummy sushi takeout for dinner! It was a wonderful day spent together as a family!


  1. Jenny and I had a great time. You got some great pictures. I'm glad I escaped your camera. Give Mr. Nice a nice kick in the pants for me.

  2. Friday was not a good photogenic day for me, was it???

  3. You said your hair looked bad from the "haircut"..I think it looks adorable as always!!...The girls are getting so big..sweet little Caroline is looking like a "crutcher" more everytime I see her!!!(love the curl on top)give them kisses from us!


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