Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Cards...

What do you do with your Christmas Cards after Christmas??? Well, I ALWAYS save mine! Being a paper lover and all, I just can't bear to part with them. So if you have ever sent us a Christmas card since we have been married, I STILL have it! I just know how people stress over which card is the best card, and if you attach a picture, getting that oh so perfect picture! What have I done with them??? Well, Actually they are all just sitting in a picture box. My first idea was to bind them into a little book for each year, then put them in a little basket on the coffee table during the holiday for us to look over. I do plan on still doing that but first I am going to do this...
We are going to pray specifically for one or two families each week. I have organized them to cover each week of the year. We have received so many that some weeks we will be praying for two families.
I found this cute little picture holder stashed away that will conveniently hold the pictures in place at the table. Spice and I did this tonight, and she just loved looking at the picture and telling me who we were going to pray for.
How do I keep up with it?

*I attach the pictures with a binder clip behind the page that coordinates with the month we will be praying for those families. I will pull out the picture for the week when it is time.
(Yes that is an old calendar, it was just a cute one for the demo pic)*You can also just clip all of the pictures together with a binder clip and hang in a convenient location, like where you have your quiet time. Use a suction cup hanger and attach it to a window or your bathroom mirror!

So, moral of the story is.....I love your Christmas Cards and we will be praying for your family this year!:)


  1. I am glad that I am currently on your prayer list. They are much needed at this time.

  2. Ashley, you are so thoughtful! What a sweet idea. I save all of our Christmas cards too. I just can't stand to give them up!

  3. this is a great idea!I love knowing that you are praying for us...this week! :)

  4. hey ashley...I noticed that you had visited my blog and wanted to stop by and thank you...i think what you do with your Christmas cards is a GREAT idea!! I usually take all of mine and put them in my Christmas scrapbook. Although, I don't foresee them getting in this years book anytime soon seeing how, there isn't even a book for last year yet...yeah, I'm really behind on my scrapbooking. But putting them in a binder book to look at each year at Christmas time is a really cool idea too. I may have to start doing that someday. Anyways, just thought I would stop by and leave you a comment. Thanks again for checking me out. I appreciate all of the visits.

  5. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. I hope to see you soon. Blessings,

  6. What a great idea!  And I love the picture that went with your scripture memory - also another fantastic idea for making it "stick".

  7. Hi! I just came over from Polka Dot Mom & love your inspiring blog! :)


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