Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am calling the last two weeks fall fun! We have been quite busy, so therefore I have not posted ANY pictures. As the days are now growing shorter we have been out and about trying to take in every bit of this wonderful fall weather. I just want to soak it all in while I can because I know soon that the days will be cold and we will have to stay inside for the most part. Check out this Fall Mosaic, can you find....

1. Spice and Emma-Kate searching for the sea lions??
2. Sugar with a pumpkin on her??
3. Boompa with a monkey?
4. A cute little banana?
5. A glowing pumpkin?
6. Mr. Nice trying to get 5 girls still for a picture?
7. Sugar at 6 months!!??
8. Us with a monkey and a banana?
9. Spice in search of the perfect pumpkin?
10. Me and MC on a hayride?
11. Mimi and Sugar?
12. MC cleaning out her pumpkin?
13. The carved pumpkin?
14. A clean Sugar?
15. Daddy snuggling with his girls?
16. A monkey ready for some treats?

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