Monday, October 13, 2008

Playing School

Today we worked on a little at home project. MC is working on her five senses at pre-school so I decided to pull out my teacher skills and do a project with her while C was napping. I drew out her body, then we labeled her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hands; then we colored her. I thought it turned out pretty cute. She is still really enjoying pre-school and today she proved she was ready to be the teacher. As I was in my room she brought in her stuffed animals (her students) lined them up against the wall and read them 3 stories. Then she told them it was time for nap. She then proceeded to pull out blankets from Caro's drawers and lay them down on the floor, she laid all of the animals in place and then walked around the room saying "shh" with her arms crossed over her chest. Oh, she is so big!!! I guess you could say we both had fun "Playing School" today!

A little snack was needed 1/2 way through our hard work!

The finished product!


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