Sunday, September 14, 2008

Zoo Rendezvous

Last night Ken and I got to enjoy a night out at Zoo Rendezvous! It was so much fun and very delicious! Our friends, the Robbins, showed us the hot spots, as we chowed down on everything from tenderloin, fried green tomatoes, and bread pudding! My favorite was this yummy cake by Paula Deen. I even had my picture made with this famous southern cook. I'm just still not sure why she did not have too much to say???


  1. You and Paula look great together!! But, what happened to our picture??? I'm like in a spotlight or something!?! Hilarious! It was a fun night and my most favorite treat was her berry butter cake! You can tell it's my fav. from the EMPTY cutzy container I'm holding in the picture! TOO good!

  2. You're so funny. That looks fun AND delicious!


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